the @unitedstates project

@unitedstates is a shared commons of data and tools for the United States. Made by the public, used by the public.

Featuring work from people with the Sunlight Foundation,, the New York Times, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Internet.

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Detailed data on members of Congress, past and present.


Scrapers and parsers for the work of Congress, all day, every day.


Stand-alone legal citation detector. Text in, citations out.


Parser for the US Code.


Policy guidelines for the licensing of US government information.


Tiny spreadsheet of common nicknames for bills and laws.


Gathering the work of Inspectors General from across the US government. Contribute a scraper!


Sending electronic written messages to members of Congress by reverse engineering their contact forms.


GeoJSON and other shape files for US districts and states.


Public domain photos of members of the US Congress.


A collection of human and machine-readable definitions of US congressional terms and processes.

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