Short Term Fixes

These short term efforts will better reconcile the various API catalogs, making important updates in the short term as well as making a more sustainable model easier to implement.

Address the 18F List backlog

The 18F List is a human curated list of federal APIs. It lists many that are not yet included in other catalogs. There are numerous new APIs in the backlog that need to be added to the list’s source file.

Cross reference the 18F List against the API listings of and engage agencies with the results

There are basic changes agencies need to make to their public data listings in order to reflect known APIs in their public data listings and thus in

Phase out the 18F List

The goal of the above tasks is for to obviate the 18F List. As the APIs that are in the 18F List are included in, they can be removed from the 18F List until the list itself no longer exists.

Cross reference the API listings of against 3rd-party catalogs and engage the 3rd-party catalogs with the results

After the above short term projects have been completed, we should attempt any low-effort means of isolating known APIs that are not in 3rd party catalogs and research the feasibility of offering a bulk import so the catalogs better reflect government APIs.